Lindsay Lohan’s Cousin Suffers Broken Jaw After Being Brutally Beaten In Pizza Shop Attack, Two Men Charged

Two men have been indicted after Lindsay Lohan’s cousin, Kevin, allegedly had his jaw broken in an “unprovoked attack” at a pizza shop in Boston, it’s been reported.

The assault, which took place on January 19, saw Lohan, 24, get knocked to the ground after being beaten by Daniel Hunt, 27, an off-duty police officer from Barrington, New Jersey, and his friend Ian Salerno, 29, of Philadelphia. They’re now reportedly facing assault and battery charges.

According to the Boston Herald, Lohan was transported to Brigham and Women’s Hospital where he had metal plates put into his cheek and jaw following the attack. They also claimed his jaw had to be wired shut for three weeks.

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A press release on the Suffolk County District Attorney’s website announced: “Hunt, an off-duty officer of the Haddon Heights, N.J., Police Department, confronted and then allegedly pushed the victim, starting a physical altercation.

“As members of both groups attempted to break up the fight, Salerno allegedly came behind the victim and punched him in the jaw, knocking him to the floor.

“Boston Police obtained security camera footage and a receipt from the nearby bar where Hunt, Salerno, and others had been drinking prior to the altercation, photos from social media, witness statements, and other evidence to identify Hunt and Salerno.”

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The Boston College hockey team, for which Lohan is a defenceman, confirmed that he would be “out indefinitely.”

The New York native, who is studying to obtain his master’s degree in sports administration at Boston College, had skated in 14 games for the team this season.

It’s not known whether Hunt, who now faces arraignment with Salerno in Suffolk Superior Court on August 1, is still employed by the Haddon Heights Police Department in New Jersey.

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