Dwayne Johnson Is Excited To ‘Lock Horns’ With Idris Elba In ‘Fast And Furious’ Spinoff

Idris Elba has been announced as the villain in an upcoming “Fast and Furious” spin-off and Dwayne Johnson couldn’t be more excited.

Appearing on “Watch What Happens Live”, the actor talked about Elba’s casting in the upcoming film.

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“Idris and I talked about working together for some years now,” Johnson revealed. “I’m really excited to work with him and really lock horns with him. I think it’s going to bring something really cool to the character.

The spin-off, “Hobbs and Shaw”, stars Johnson and Statham in their own standalone film, set for release in 2019.

Asked if there is such a thing as too many “Fast and Furious” movies, Johnson said that’s why there needs to be a spin-off.

“You have to spin off at some point in order to–” the actor said before host Andy Cohen interrupted, “To make more money.”

“To make more money, because money is important,” Johnson agreed. “But also for the franchise to have some freshness and some longevity.”

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Johnson was also asked if he would dish on “Fast and Furious” co-star Vin Diesel, but decided to “plead the fifth.”

The “Skyscraper” star did address is feud with actor Tyrese who made disparaging comments about him on social media last year.

“No, we haven’t talked at all,” he said. “That whole thing with Tyrese, it was pretty disappointing because I’d been friends with Tyrese for a very long time. I always feel like a beef requires two people to actually jump in it. It was really one-sided, and he had voiced his opinion a lot on social media and apparently he was going through some stuff too in his personal life, but no, we haven’t talked and I don’t see where we would.”

“To me, there’s no need to have a conversation,” he added.

The actor also said he’s not sure whether he will appear in “Fast 9” as the script for that film hasn’t been written yet.



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