Evicted! Swaggy C Opens Up About His ‘Big Brother’ Blindside: ‘I Knew There Was A Bounty On My Head’

Viewers were shocked when Chris “Swaggy C” Williams was evicted from “Big Brother” on Thursday’s episode of the Global TV hit after finding himself the unexpected victim of a blindside vote that sent him home while quashing the FOUTTE alliance once and for all.

Handing out t-shirts emblazoned with “Swaggy C” on them, Williams’ big personality made a big impression, both on viewers and his fellow houseguests, yet no doubt contributed to his being the second houseguest to be shown the door on the 20th season of “Big Brother”.

Speaking with ET Canada about his surprising ouster, Williams admits he didn’t expect things to go down like they did, and would have altered his strategy accordingly.

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“I felt like the vote was going to be a lot closer,” he explains. “I have said countless times that if I knew the vote was going to be eight to four I would have been bugging out all week — like, yelling and being crazy like all week. But I thought it was going to be closer so I wanted to act calm and try to campaign to people, try to swing that one or two vote. I didn’t know it was going to be that lopsided.”

In fact, Williams says he’s puzzled by why Katilyn — who he considered an ally — turned on him when it came time to vote. “I had a one- or two-second argument with Kaitlyn and Tyler got in her ear about it, he convinced her I was a threat even though I was in my own alliance. I would rather go home because people say you are a threat, you are a threat, as opposed to a little faint argument with Tyler getting in her ear about it,” he says.

“She had zero motive because she knows if I won the H.O.H. she would have been saved,” he adds. “She doesn’t make her own decision and isn’t capable of making her own decisions so Tyler got in her ear for two seconds and she went with it.”

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Williams also offers some insight about how he thinks he was perceived by his fellow houseguests. “I thought their impression was actually that I am a guy who feels full of himself but is also a big competitor and could be a great ally to align with,” he says. “So I knew that from the jump that it was going to everyone’s perception of me and I am OK with that. If that was the reason I went home and if that is the reason I went home then I could talk about maybe turning it down a bit but that isn’t the reason I went home so.”

Being sequestered within the “Big Brother” house, he explains, “is completely different from the real world because when you go in there you can’t trust anybody. When you confront one person you can wholeheartedly 100-per-cent trust and never have to question, it is a great thing. You need to understand that you are with that person 24/7 you probably spend 500, 600 hours together in the three weeks I was there. When you spend that much time with someone in the real world, you spend like one, two hours on a first date and you go home. We spend a lot of time together so all that stuff that you do slowly happens really fast. We got so used to each other so it was completely different form the real world.”

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So now that he’s back in the “real world,” what does that mean for his showmance with Bayleigh? “We talked about that the night before, in the case I got evicted,” he reveals. “We had a long conversation about what we do out of the house and how we felt.”

In fact, Williams confirms that he and Bayleigh envision a romantic future together outside of the “Big Brother” house. “We both plan on moving to L.A. after this whole thing ends, together,” he reveals.

Naturally, she’s the houseguest he’ll be rooting for as “Big Brother” continues through the summer, admitting he feels the sting of betrayal from the allies who turned on him.

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“I want Bayleigh to go as far as possible,” he states. “Even though Scotty didn’t vote for me I am glad he won H.O.H. I think he has a great game. I just do not want Kaitlyn or Tyler to win anything. Even though I didn’t connect with Angela or Brett, they were the enemies in the household. They would have been the people who got me out and I would have been fine with that. It is just the fact that it was people from my own alliance who got me out. I knew there was a bounty on my head in the house but I did not expect my own alliance to get me out.”

“Big Brother” airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global. You can also watch full episodes online.

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