Amanda Seyfried Admits She Was In A ‘Bad Relationship’ When She Met Thomas Sadoski, Talks Battle With Anxiety In Candid Chat

Amanda Seyfried likes to keep her private life private, but she’s now opened up about her relationship with husband Thomas Sadoski.

The 32-year-old gave birth to her first baby after she tied the knot with Sadoski, 42, last year. In a new interview with PorterEdit, the actress admitted things weren’t great in her love life when she first met the actor on the set of the off-Broadway play “The Way We Get By” in 2015.

Seyfried, who has previously dated the likes of Dominic Cooper, Desmond Harrington and Justin Long explained, “We were both in bad relationships…[Thomas] never flirted, never disrespected his wife. That was another reason why I thought, later on, that I could marry him.”

She added of when the pair finally started dating, “It was amazing. It felt healthy and freeing and clean. We can tell the story without any guilt.”

Seyfried, who said she never had a wedding reception, then spoke out about walking down the aisle while she was nine months pregnant.

On why she wanted to get married: “I really wanted to have rings on in the hospital, you know? And what if something goes wrong, and he’s not legally my husband?”

Seyfried, who admitted she’s more reluctant to do sex scenes since becoming a mom, added that she definitely wants more babies now, telling the publication: “Maybe three? Or four? Or five?”

“I feel more empowered [since having a daughter]. I’ll say ‘No, I can’t do that press trip, I’m spending time with my daughter.’ ‘Oh, you want my top off for that part? How about we scrap that sex scene altogether?’ And ‘No, I’m not wearing those thongs.’”

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Not ending the chat there, the much-loved star went on to discuss her secret battle with anxiety, admitting she thought she was going to die after suffering from a panic attack shortly after “Mean Girls” came out when she was 19. Seyfried was eventually diagnosed with OCD.

“My whole life changed. It was so empowering. At first, my publicist said, ‘Don’t talk about your anxiety’. And I thought ‘F**k you, actually. I want kids who are having weird thoughts to share them without stigma. And if that affects my career, so be it.’”

The “Mamma Mia!” favourite also opened up about the ongoing Harvey Weinstein scandal in the tell-all interview.

She explained, “You start thinking of all the guys with reputations, like, is he next? I was lucky. I didn’t deal with anything that my peers did. People have been s***ty, but I’m pretty good at deflecting.”

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