Zachary Quinto On Straight People Playing LGBTQ Roles: ‘That Door Doesn’t Swing The Other Way’

Zachary Quinto is opening up about his thoughts on recent controversies over straight actors being cast in LGBTQ roles.

The “Star Trek” actor appeared on SiriusXM on Friday and was asked about the issue.

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“There’s a lot of controversy surrounding people playing roles that are actually in line with who they are authentically. It’s an interesting time, right?” Quito said. “Part of the nature of being an actor is to step outside of ourselves and have experiences that aren’t in line with who we are. But the political climate, and the race for equality, has kind of shifted the ground around that notion and I think we have to be patient and see how things settle.”

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The 41-year-old also pointed out the troubling tendency for straight actors to play high profile gay parts, while gay actors are often shut out of straight roles.

“You look at how many straight actors play gay roles, and how that door doesn’t swing the other way as much. There are fewer gay actors playing straight roles. And there is something about that,” he said. “You look at a movie like ‘Call Me By Your Name’, which is an incredible film. The work by those straight actors was really great, but what would have been like if there were gay actors in those roles? I don’t know! Are those characters gay or just exploring something? Who knows.”



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