Tom Cruise is shedding a little light on the “Top Gun” sequel.

While in Paris promoting “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”, the actor teased a few of the details to ET Canada’s Sangita Patel during an exclusive sit down interview.

Perched on a balcony with a picturesque view of the Eiffel Tower, Sangita pressed Cruise for details about the recently-confirmed sequel that will see him return to the iconic role of Maverick, the fighter pilot with the need for speed in the original 1986 film.

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With Val Kilmer also set to return and Miles Teller joining the cast, Sangita wanted to get an inside scoop on things to come. And while news of Teller’s casting has him pegged to play the son of Anthony Edwards’ character, Cruise isn’t quite ready to confirm that news just yet.

“We don’t know what the story is. You don’t know what the story is,” he chides Sangita. “But I’ll give you a little bit”.

“It’s called ‘Top Gun: Maverick’,” Cruise says. “There’s going to be fighter pilots in it. And there’s going to be jets. It’s going to be a fun story, there’s going to be cool music.”

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That’s all well and good but what “Top Gun” fans really want to know is if there’s going to be more shirtless beach volleyball scenes.

“There could be a beach scene. There could be a beach scene,” Cruise says with a smile. “That’s all I can tell you. We’re still working on it.”

With “Top Gun: Maverick”, Cruise has his schedule set, but how about a future project with “Skyscraper” star Dwayne Johnson? “Absolutely that would be fun,” he reveals. “That would be fun.”

The Rock agreed, responding to ET Canada’s interview with Cruise via Twitter, revealing he’d be thrilled to work with Cruise. “One day we’ll make it happen,” he wrote:

While fans will have to wait a little while to see if Cruise and Johnson can team up on-screen, the actor can be seen in theatres in his sixth outing as Ethan Hunt in “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” when it opens on July 27.