Lights Says Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ Was ‘Made For Me To Cover’

If you still need more Drake in your life following the release of his massive double album “Scorpion”, Lights may have your fix.

The Canadian electro-pop artist has long produced quality covers of Drake hits like “Hotline Bling”, but her latest cover is her most ambitious.

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And that is because the Juno-winning artist has slaved away covering the entire Side B of “Scorpion”. “It was made for me to cover,” she told Billboard in a new interview.

“The melodies are better than you would think,” he said of Drizzy’s catalogue. “That’s what draws me to them. It’s between the incredible melodies that he uses — and they’re very much his kind of melodies; they sit between the same register all the time. That’s what makes them special, I guess — and then he’s got this insane vocal pocket.”

Lights, 31, ran into a few challenges during the process. Among them was Drake’s use word she could not, “the N-Word.”

“I would never. I could never say the N-word. That is the last thing I want to do as an artist and a human being, in general,” she said. “Just like girls can call themselves bitches, but I don’t think guys can. There are some words you can’t say.” The singer noted how she occasionally replaced the word with “honey.”

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Lights spent five to six hours a day self-producing the album over a five-day span at her home in Mission, B.C.

Side B of Drake’s “Scorpion” is predominately an R&B album, but will Lights ever cover his rap-heavy Side A? “You don’t want to hear me rap,” she teased.

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