Sarah Palin and accused pedophile Roy Moore are among the many political figures to have figured out that they’d been pranked by a heavily disguised Sacha Baron Cohen when it was revealed earlier this week that the “Borat” funnyman had been secretly shooting a provocative new comedy series for Showtime over the past year.

“Who Is America?” — which will make its official debut on Sunday, July 14 — aired a sneak peek of its first episode on Saturday night, and the format will be familiar to any fans of his HBO series “Da Ali G Show”.

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In the first instalment of the seven-episode series, Cohen portays several different characters, including not-actually-disabled right-wing conspiracy theorist Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., a British ex-convict who creates art with his feces and Col. Erran Morad, a former Israeli Mossad agent who thinks that America’s gun-control laws are too lenient.

With that in mind, Morad is trying to garner support for his idea to give guns to young children, an initiative he’s dubbed “Kinderguardians.”

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In the clip below, Morad’s pitch actually gets the thumbs-up from gun-rights advocate Philip Van Cleave, Gun Owners for America leader Larry Platt, former GOP Congressman Trent Lott and Republican lawmakers Joe Wilson, Dana Rohrabacher, all of whom endorse the insane plan to arm toddlers. Watch:

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