Kim Kardashian Defends Kylie Jenner’s ‘Self Made’ Status: We Have Never ‘Depended On Our Parents’

Kim Kardashian says success does not always breed success and the only thing she and her sisters need from their parents is advice.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashian” stars comments follow a wave of negative reaction to Kylie Jenner being crowned Forbes‘ youngest “self-made” almost-billionaire.

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Many suggest Jenner’s success could in no way be described as “self-made,” considering the massive popularity and financial power of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

“I really didn’t get it, because she is ‘self-made’ — we are all ‘self-made.’ What, because we came from a family that has had success? To me, that doesn’t really make sense,” Kardashian told Refinery29. “I know so many people like that [who] haven’t turned out to be as successful as Kylie. If anything, I’ve seen the complete opposite.”

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“Me, Kylie, not one [of the siblings] has ever depended on our parents for anything besides advice,” she expressed. “That’s how I lived my life with my dad [Robert Kardashian]. He never gave me anything. We might have the opportunity, but I’ve seen it go the complete opposite way. Nobody works harder than my sisters and my mom.”

Kardashian, 37, also praised Jenner, 20, for overcoming her insecurities about her lips and figuring “out how to make a really successful business off of it.”

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