Bruce Willis Insists ‘Die Hard’ Is ‘Not A Christmas Movie’

One of cinema’s most timeless debates is only getting more confusing.

Long have fans of the iconic action movie “Die Hard” debated whether or not the film is a Christmas movie.

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Pop culture enthusiasts enjoyed a brief moment of unprecedented peace and serenity when “Die Hard” writer Steven de Souza confirmed it was indeed a Christmas movie. “Yes, because the studio rejected the Purim draft,” he tweeted CNN’s Jake Tapper late last year.

Almost seven months after that historic day, however, the cease-fire has ended. And that is because the film’s lead star Bruce Willis has declared, “‘Die Hard’ is not a Christmas movie!”

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Willis’ remarks closed out Comedy Central’s “Roast of Bruce Willis” and sent waves through the very fabric of the Internet. And just like that, with those seven words, soldiers from both fronts picked up arms and waged war over their unwavering beliefs.

If you don’t believe the seriousness of the actor’s statements, just ask this guy.

See more reaction to Willis’ “Die Hard” comments below.

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