Do not expect to see Lily James back for the “Downton Abbey” movie.

The actress told People why she would not be reprising her role from the hit television show. “My character Rose moved off to New York, so it would be farfetched to bring her back,” she explained. “I would have loved to have come back for a scene, but for a movie, it can’t be like a Christmas special and it needs to be a focused storyline.”

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Simply put, “there was no space for Rose.”

James, 29, also revealed conversations she had with “Downton Abbey” co-stars Laura Carmichael and Michelle Dockery.

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“I spoke to Laura [Carmichael] not long ago and was texting Michelle [Dockery] about Love Island and it’s going to be really exciting,” continued James. “And the whole gang is coming back.”

Many of the original cast of “Downtown Abbey” is set to return for the upcoming film.