The Killers Get Naughty For Christmas

Each year The Killers release a Christmas song and even though they’re currently touring North America, that didn’t stop them from dropping “I Feel It In My Bones”;.

The band recorded their 2012 song – the seventh since 2005 – in England a few weeks ago and it’s “a bit more of a rock song”; than their usual holiday fare.  “This song was basically started a while back and we just finished it and changed it into more of a Christmas song,”; drummer Ronnie Vannucci told NME.  He also mentioned the song began as a demo during the band’s Battle Born sessions, but after they embraced the new song as their new holiday tune, they added a few Christmassy lines to it.

If the song is considered more rock “n’ roll than holiday tune, the video, which features the band’s former manager Ryan Pardley, is downright deranged. Ryan plays a hardcore Pulp Fiction-esque Santa Claus who’s more Dog the Bounty Hunter than jolly gift-giver. Santa is hunting down the boys from the band, who are of course on his “naughty”; list, and (spoiler alert) haunts their dreams until he finds them.

The song, which is now available on iTunes, is a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS charity the (RED) campaign.  Watch the dangerous holiday video below!



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