Sharp-eyed fans have noticed a whopping 35 continuity errors in the latest entry in the franchise, and The Daily Mail lists the various mistakes that have been spotted in Spectre.

On websites such as IMDB and, reports The Mail, fans are pointing out the numerous mistakes in the Bond blockbuster, which cost an astounding $200 million to make.

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For example, one viewer wrote: “In the plane chase scene, when the plane hits the car, one of the wheels comes off. In the next view, all the landing gear is intact.”;

In another scene, writes a fan, “When the ­helicopter crashes, Bond’s speedboat goes to the river bank and he runs on to the bridge. Somehow, the police are already there, taping off the scene.”;

Another huge gaffe takes place when Bond girl Léa Seydoux seemingly manages a complete costume change in nanoseconds.

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“When Madeleine Swann lies down on the bed in the hotel, she is fully clothed,”; writes an eagle-eyed viewer. “When she hears Bond breaking the wall down and comes to see what is happening, she is wearing a slip/nightie.”;

Other mistakes include Bond somehow changing into a different pair of shoes mid-scene, Bond swapping seats in a car, train passengers disappearing during a fight scene and a shattered car windshield miraculously repairing itself.

Despite all these flaws, however, Spectre contains far fewer mistakes than its predecessor, Skyfall, which contained 68 continuity errors.