Heidi Klum has no idea why she was the target of a Donald Trump diss.

Several years ago, the now-U.S. president said the supermodel was no longer a “10”.

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“He was always actually very nice to me. So then it was very strange,” Klum recently told Elle. “I was like, ‘Why am I being brought into any of this?’ I wouldn’t even think I would be on his mind.”

Klum, 45, also discussed her working relationship with Simon Cowell on “America’s Got Talent”.

“Since the day I met him, everyone was always like, ‘Simon’s coming!’ Very afraid of him,” she explained. “I just went up to him and said, ‘So, Simon, when are we going to do a makeover?’”

And if you ever find yourself in the guest judge’s seat on “Project Runway”, Klum has some advice for you.

“A lot of times, we have guest judges on ‘Project Runway’, and they will not say what they really think,” revealed Klum.

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“They’re really sweet to the designers, but then when the camera cuts, they’re like, ‘Oh my God, that was awful!’ And I’m always like, ‘Why are you not just saying that? It’s not helping anyone if you just sugar-coat everything.'”

You can next catch Klum in the upcoming animated comedy-drama “Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad” alongside Jeremy Renner, James Franco, and Alec Baldwin.

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