Aaron Paul Finds Bryan Cranston Living In ‘Breaking Bad’ RV In Hilarious New Video

Bryan Cranston hasn’t moved on from his “Breaking Bad” glory days.

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In a hilarious new video announcing a contest for the show’s 10th anniversary, star Aaron Paul takes fans back to the infamous meth RV that’s sitting on the Sony lot in Los Angeles.

But when he enters the RV Paul is shocked to discover his former co-star Cranston lounging inside in a robe, apparently living in it.

“Wait a minute, ‘Breaking Bad’ is going to be rebooted,” he says excitedly, misunderstanding Paul’s reason for being there.

“I miss the show so much,” Cranston says later while crying.

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The contest is part of an Omaze campaign to raise money for the Kind Campaign and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Donors will be entered for a chance to win a meal with the two “Breaking Bad” stars inside the actual RV.

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