A Second ‘Big Brother 20’ Contestant Is Caught Using The ‘N-Word’

Global’s “Big Brother 20″ contestant JC Mounduix, pictured above, used the N-word when talking to Bayleigh Dayton on Tuesday night, the latter of whom is black. Dayton had asked Mounduix, who is 4’8”, if he is considered a “dwarf.”

“I’m just a short guy,” Mounduix responded. When asked, “Is there a difference between a midget and a dwarf,” Mounduix explained how “midget” is a slur.

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To prove his point, Mounduix used other slurs: “‘Midget’ is like saying ‘gay’ and ‘f**got’ or, like, ‘n***a’ and ‘black’.”

Dayton was shocked by Monduix’s language and told him, “You’re not allowed to say that. Don’t do that again. That was, like, out of control.”

Mounduix was also recently criticized for sexual harassment after attempting to scoop other contestants’ genitals with an ice cream scooper.

But this is far from the first time “Big Brother 20” has experienced racist language. In fact, there have been a total of three racially insensitive remarks uttered in the show’s three weeks on air.

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Contestants Rachel Swindler and Angela Rummans compared their tanned skin to a that of a black person. Swindler, in particular, described her darker skin tone as “ghetto.”

CBS warned there would be “future consequences” for such language, but Kaitlyn Herman used the N-word soon after when singing along to a Drake song and seemingly faced no consequences.

“Big Brother 20” airs Sundays and Wednesdays on Global at 8 p.m. ET/PT and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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