Stars are flooding into San Diego to participate in this year’s Comic-Con festivities, and many of the celebs have been heading to the #IMDboat to chat with its affable host, director Kevin Smith.

On Thursday, Joe Manganiello was among the guests to set sail with Smith on the #IMDboat, and he related an anecdote about his role in 2002’s “Spider-Man”, in which he played high school bully Flash Thompson.

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“I met [“Spider-Man” director] Sam Raimi and screen tested for him the weekend that I got to L.A. — straight out of drama school,” Manganiello told Smith.

“Screen tested alongside James Franco, [he] was testing as Peter Parker — he was in the middle of shooting ‘James Dean’ — he screen tested as Peter Parker, and I screen tested as Flash and I had to, like, beat him up. ‘Here’s this guy, James Franco — go beat him up.'”

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Manganiello landed the role, while Franco did not (Tobey Maguire wound up playing Peter Parker/Spidey, although Franco did wind up portraying Parker pal Harry Osborn).

“What I’m hearing in this story is James Franco wasn’t good enough to get the part he went after, but you were, man,” quipped Smith.

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