Prince Charles Excited To Become A Grandfather

The real Prince Charles spoke out on Thursday, revealing his excitement at becoming a grandfather when his eldest son and daughter-in-law welcome their firstborn.

After Australian DJs pranked the hospital where Kate had been staying for acute morning sickness this week, in which a radio host portrayed the Prince and the Queen, the Prince himself is now letting his voice be heard on the happy news of the pregnancy. But first, Charles had a go poking fun at the incident when reporters approached him: “How do you know I’m not a radio station?”;

“I’m thrilled, it’s marvelous,”; he reveals. “It’s a very nice thought of grandfatherhood in my old age, if I may say so, so that’s splendid.”;

And after the Duchess of Cambridge’s release from hospital on Thursday, her father-in-law adds, “I’m very glad my daughter-in-law is getting better – thank goodness.”;

Watch Prince Charles’ reaction below!



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