Roseanne Barr Previews New Talk Show With Clip Addressing Racist Tweet: ‘I Thought The B***h Was White!’

Roseanne Barr is launching a new talk show, and in the first preview she’s still angry about the fallout over her racist tweets.

The comedian and sitcom star who was fired and had her show “Roseanne” cancelled after comparing former Obama administration official Valerie Jarrett to an ape, posted a clip from the new show in which she defends her actions, citing ignorance.

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In the video, which Barr posted to her own YouTube page, the 65-year-old is sitting for an interview, appearing agitated at being asked a question about the inconsistencies of her statements on the tweet.

Finally, she begins shouting, “I was trying to talk about Iran,” then stares into the camera and angrily yells, “I thought the b***h was white! God dammit, I thought the b***h was white!”

After Barr’s rant made headlines, her son, Jake Pentland shared a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram, writing: “The media narrative is mom is having a meltdown…. she’s more clear than ever. DON’T BELIEVE THE MEDIA.”

In the video, Barr is having her makeup touched up while chatting with members of her team, one of whom says, “This is gonna really wreck their world. They’re gonna wish they had never taken you off the air.”

Then, to further put forward the argument that he’s not a racist, she repeats the phrase, “F**k racism” several times. Watch:

Earlier this month, Barr tweeted that she planned on doing a sit-down interview.

The next day, though, she backtracked, saying that she would film the interview and post it herself on YouTube.

According to TMZ, Barr has been working at her son Jake Pentland’s Full Moon & High Tide studio over the last week interviewing friends and family for a new talk show.

Jake reportedly told TMZ that guests will include himself, Barr’s boyfriend, former “Roseanne” crew member Allan Stephan and her former campaign manager Thomas Muhammad.

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Barr will release episodes of the show directly on her YouTube channel, with the released clip giving a preview of the show’s first episode.

The release date and name of the show is not yet known.

Barr has spoken previously about her firing on her friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s podcast: “I lost everything, and I regretted it before I lost everything.”

On Friday afternoon, Barr tweeted her “official statement,” watch below.



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