‘Big Brother’ Evictee Winston Hines On His Alliance Turning On Him: ‘I Was Just So Angry’

Alliances can be fragile within the “Big Brother” house, shifting by the minute and often evaporating into thin air. But for any houseguest, there’s nothing worse than watching your carefully constructed alliance vanish while the votes are being read, followed by the sad realization that your supposed allies stabbed you in the back.

Winston Hines knows this feeling well after Thursday night’s vote sent him packing, evicted by a narrow 6-5 vote after his own Level 6 alliance betrayed him.

Speaking with ET Canada on the morning after his eviction, the 28-year-old medical sales rep from Bowling Green, Kentucky, admits “the shock set in a little bit this morning.”

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Looking back at the voting, Hines can see it clearly now. “I think, ultimately that they think that Brett is the bigger target and Brett had a huge X on his back. I think keeping the heat on him is going to keep the heat off of Level 6, which is good for their own personal game, which I understand, but also I find it very surprising. Brett is going to be in there fighting by himself for the next week.”

Does he think his bromance with Brett (the duo nicknamed themselves “Brad and Chad”) led to his downfall? “Ultimately it got me sitting here which is not what I wanted to accomplish,” he admits. “I stayed up talking about this last night and I think this was inevitable, whether we had been buddies or not. That is how the situation goes. We would have gotten thrown together just based off of physical nature threat. I don’t know if it was necessarily our bromance that ruined it but it also didn’t help. I am frustrated, but would I do things differently? Probably not; he was the one who kept me sane in the house, we had a good time. We were hoping we could have won some HOHs and done a little bit better.”

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As he explains, “Chad” does not envy the situation that “Brad” now faces in the house.

“You know, it is going to be a very tough season for him. I honestly don’t know, it will be interesting to watch. If Level 6 keeps him and then stays true to him then… but I have a feeling that it will fall apart very soon,” says Hines.

“With the way that they flipped on me in the last 30 minutes before voting and the way that Tyler laughed in my face, I could see defiant bad deals being made,” he adds. “Also, I think that Brett is not going to be trusting anybody else in that house after last night.”

Asked if he was trying to win over “Big Brother” viewers, Hines admits that can be a slippery slope. “I think anyone playing it up for the cameras, it’s ultimately going to hurt you more than help you,” he explains. “We know that this trending thing is going on but, none of us know what is being asked to the fans. So it is interesting how people did kinda shift their whole character once it was announced that power-ups were going to be in place. There were definitely people playing things up for the camera but I ultimately tried not to change my attitude and was myself.”

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So does that mean he wasn’t taking his shirt off to garner attention from fans? “No, it was hot outside!” he says, laughing heartily. “I don’t need to wear a shirt. I don’t wear a shirt at home either, I was just being myself.”

“Big Brother” airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global. You can also watch full episodes online.

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