John Cena Talks His Love Of K-Pop Sensation BTS: ‘Their Success Is Unparalleled’

John Cena just can’t get enough of K-Pop sensation BTS.

“They are truly in their own universe,” he tells ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante. “I mean, they have created their own universe and I really think that that’s special.”

“I was introduced to BTS by almost like a happy accident I began to follow J-Hope and then began to follow the band,” he says. “I listened to their music, I enjoy their music but I most enjoy the passion they invoke in the fans. The fanbase, globally, is so die-hard and coming from a WWE fanbase where it’s like the same thing; they follow the guys they follow and the women they follow and they like people and they don’t like people and they’re very adamant about their opinion and very adamantly voice their opinion. BTS has created that same phenomenon and I just think it’s extra special.”

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“Hats off to them. Their success is unparalleled,” Cena adds.

Cena was at Comic-Con to promote his “Transformers” movie spin-off “Bumblebee” with Hailee Steinfeld. But, as he reveals to Carlos, fans are still going to have to wait a while to see some footage from the film.

“It’s not exactly finished yet,” Cena teases, admitting he was a big fan of Transformers as a kid.

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“I’m a fan of the Transformers universe. I certainly was as a child, especially because Transformers were two toys for one,” he jokes. “They’re so more than meets the eye. As a child, they really give you this magic in your hand.”

“I really loved the fact that I had the opportunity to do something different in this movie. I’ve done certain things on screen, I’ve done certain things live performing with WWE and this offered me a chance to do something new,” he adds.

Watch the full extended interview below:

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