Steven Seagal’s Latest Job Offer: To Train Cops In Serbia

Famous for the Japanese martial art Aikido in his numerous action movies, Steven Seagal has just received a job offer that would see him branching out from being an action star and use his skills to train police officers in Serbia.

The Above the Law star received the offer during a visit to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

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“When you have such a famous star coming to Serbia, who loves our country and our people, our desire is to have him back again,”; said the mayor of Belgrade, Sinisa Mali, as reported by ITV.

Receiving royal treatment during his visit, Seagal was on hand to receive an award for his humanitarian work from the Belgrade-based Brothers Karic Foundation.

No word yet on whether Seagal will be taking the mayor up on the offer, or, if he does, whether all the action will be captured by TV cameras for a Serbian version of his reality show Steven Seagal: Lawman.



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