It seems as though Pete Davidson has had enough of fiancee Ariana Grande’s toxic fans.

The “SNL” actor wiped his Instagram account of photos following the latest heated exchange with Grande’s fans who have criticized the actor for everything from his comments on his fiancee’s posts, his mental illness and his “re-gifting” of a pendant worn by his late father.

On Monday, Davidson’s account was bare.

Instagram/Pete Davidson
Instagram/Pete Davidson

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The clean slate comes one day after the actor exchanged words with Grande fans over comments he left on a photo of the singer and her late grandfather. Grande posted a photo of herself with her grandfather to mark the four-year anniversary of his death, writing, “Miss n love you forever my best friend.”

Davidson then commented, “omg what a cutie,” referring to her grandfather. Fans misconstrued his comments, attacking him on Instagram before the actor responded: “Are you guys all insane? I was talking about how cute her grandpa is. What’s wrong with that? You guys will really look for anything to attack people. It’s sad.”

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The same day Davidson wiped his Instagram clean, Grande seemingly responded to the toxic fans on Twitter:

Grande previously responded to haters who slammed her for naming one of her new songs after Davidson. It’s also not the first time the comedian has exchanged words with Grande’s fans.

On Monday, Grande announced she would be taking a break from social media because of all the negativity she sees online.

“I’m probably gonna post on [Snapchat] for a little while and take a breather from Twitter and Instagram for a little,” she tweeted. “Just sometimes can’t help but bump into some negative s**t that really can bum you out and it’s not worth it honestly. [I] promised I’d always tell you. I love you… be well and happy,”

Last week, Davidson responded to rumours he re-gifted his fiancee the same pendant he gave his ex-girlfriend, Cazzie David.

The comedian gave Grande a New York City Fire Department pendant his father Scott Davidson was wearing when he was killed in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Trolls attacked Davidson for giving the pendant to Grande after he gave a similar one to his ex when in fact, he gave David a replica.

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Grande now has the original pendant worn by his father, featuring his badge number “8418” – the same number the singer recently had tattooed on her foot in tribute to Davidson’s father.

Even after clarification, online trolls took issue over Davidson’s gift.

Davidson also came under attack two months ago for his mental health issues, which include being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. After social media trolls labeled Davidson as “toxic” for Grande, he took to Instagram to defend himself and those affected by mental illness. (Caution: Strong language).

Instagram/Pete Davidson
Instagram/Pete Davidson
Instagram/Pete Davidson
Instagram/Pete Davidson

Coincidentally, Davidson deleted his Instagram pics the same day Grande’s ex, Mac Miller, spoke about their relationship.

“It’s all positive energy,” he told Beats 1. “I am happy for her and [the fact that she’s] moving forward with her life, just as I’m sure she is with me.”