On Monday afternoon, Roseanne Barr introduced another instalment of her self-produced talk show, which she’s sharing on her YouTube channel in order to “cut out the middlemen” in the mainstream media and bring her message directly to fans in its undiluted form.

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In the latest episode, Barr speaks with author and life coach Brenden Dilley, who explains his theory about U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweeting, with Barr also sharing the video with her Twitter followers.

The way Dilley (who, like Barr, is pro-Trump) sees it, the president’s tweets are “smashing political correctness but also simultaneously working in the backdrop to reinvigorate our economy and protect our soldiers overseas.”

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Dilley further explains his theory: “One of the biggest tools he’s used over that year and a half is that tweet, the Twittersphere, and what he does when he sends out a deranged tweet or a controversial tweet, and he tends to time those tweets with military operations overseas. Now, the public doesn’t understand this, the mainstream media’s certainly not going to report it.”

Naturally, talk soon turns to Barr’s infamous tweet about Valerie Jarrett, which she insists was a) not racist, b) completely misunderstood, and c) intended to open people’s eyes about what’s going on in Iran since Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, a subject she feels is being ignored by the mainstream media.

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“I think they didn’t give you credit for that level of thinking,” says Dilley of Barr’s tweet. “They never do,” she solemnly agrees.

“They took it completely at face value,” Dilley says of the tweet that got her fired from “Roseanne”, adding that he never equated Barr’s comparison of Jarrett with “Planet of the Apes” with racism, “because I’m not racist. I never thought to think of it in any other terms but as just a joke.”

You can watch the interview in its entirety above. Meanwhile, Barr also has more to say in another edition of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s podcast. Listen:

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