He can jump out of planes and save the free world from attackers, but Tom Cruise couldn’t seem to hold it together on Monday’s “Tonight Show”.

The “Mission: Impossible Fallout” star, 56, participated in a game of “Mad Libs Theater” with host Jimmy Fallon, and thanks to his unusual suggestions, it didn’t disappoint. When asked for a cute puppy name, he said, “My Little Cookie,” and when asked for what he’d say if a spider was crawling on him, Cruise replied, “Come here, darling.”

This made for some hysterical theater when it came time for the pair to act out their dramatic scene together.

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From the moment Fallon declared, “Good evening, My Little Cookie,” Cruise started cracking up and couldn’t hold it in.

Several times, Cruise stopped speaking, shaking his head and convulsing with laughter.

As he promotes “Mission: Impossible Fallout”, Cruise is also busy working on the highly anticipated Top Gun sequel. He dished about the project to ET’s Carly Steel over the weekend, saying, “We are actually working on Top Gun full-time while I’m doing this. Yeah, we’ll go right into. I mean, I’ve started already so I’ve been full-on. Even when we’re on that tour, I’ve been working.”

For more from Cruise’s exclusive interview with ET, watch the clip below:


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