Rachel Bloom Discusses The End Of ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’: ‘I Hope That We Showed That Musicals Have A Place’

While Rachel Bloom’s hit musical comedy “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is coming to an end, Bloom hopes its legacy will live on.

The actress, 31, opened up about the final season with Bustle, “It’s [about] what do we want the show to say, what do we want the emotions to be? So it’s less planned out than I think some people think.”

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She continued, “A lot of stuff within the general emotional arcs has changed and grown, but we’ve stuck to the general arc of what the show is and the reason for it being four seasons. I still stand behind that.”

Brooke Nipar/Bustle
Brooke Nipar/Bustle

And despite being nominated every year for an Emmy, season four was snubbed, “You spend so much time talking about these Emmy campaigns, you end up putting a lot of stakes in it even when you don’t want to,” Bloom said. “I don’t want to see one fucking awards show as the be-all end-all for my series. However, it is talked about so much now, even if you’re like ‘fuck awards shows,’ you can’t help but see value in it because everyone is talking about it all the time.”

But all Bloom cares about is her fans, “[Our fans are] all smart, and they’re all people I can see as my friends. And they all have different backgrounds [and] sensibilities, but I feel a kinship with their souls.”

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Brooke Nipar/Bustle
Brooke Nipar/Bustle

“[I hope] that we showed that musicals have a place,” Bloom added about the show’s legacy. “Also that [the series] was groundbreaking in deconstructing the tropes that we’ve all bought into for a really long time. That’s really important to me.”

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