You Can Spend Halloween Night Partying Inside The ‘Scream’ House

If you’re looking to spend a terrifying night of revelry in one of Hollywood’s most iconic scary houses this Halloween, then a new crowdfunding campaign should be right up your alley.

As Mashable reports, a new Kickstarter called “Scream Comes Home” has been launched by fans of the “Scream” movies, with the aim of hosting a special Halloween party in the actual house in which the 1996 horror hit was filmed.

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“As the saying goes… ‘It’s all about location, location, location,’ and this house is going to be THE party location to attend on Halloween weekend!” explains the Kickstarter.

“The movie, ‘Scream’, was filmed in Santa Rosa, California, and the last act of the movie was filmed in a single location… a large house in Tomales, a little town adjacent to Santa Rosa,” the Kickstarter continues. “This house was known as ‘Stu’s house’ in the script, and the screenplay referred to the lengthy showdown ending as SCENE 118. When the filmmakers finished filming it, they had T-shirts made up that said, ‘I Survived Scene 118’. Our goal is to not only survive it but to party there with ‘Scream’ fans from around the world, so our T-shirts are going to say, ‘I Partied At Scene 118!'”

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Having convinced the home’s owners to host the party, prices to attend the bash are understandably steep, ranging from a $200 ticket, which allows you to visit the house during the day, to the sold-out $1,250 deluxe package, which includes a bus tour, loads of “Scream” swag and, more importantly, an overnight stay in the horror house for two people.

The Kickstarter has already exceeded its goal of raising $50,000; if you’re a fan of “Scream”, the Kickstarter notes, “you should be screaming your head off right about now.”

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