James Corden often takes questions from his studio audience on “The Late Late Show”, although he may be rethinking that practice after an audience Q&A on Wednesday night’s show went hilariously off the rails.

Opening the floor to questions, Corden is first asked if this is the busiest time in his life, what with taping four “Late Late Show” episodes a week in addition to all his other projects.

“Yeah, it probably is, especially with a seven-month-old baby,” admits Corden, 39, who recently welcomed a third child with wife Julia.

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The next questioner wanted to know how, since he’s so busy, Corden manages to watch all his guests’ movies and TV shows. “I’ve had a firm philosophy from Day 1,” Corden responds. “If guests are coming on and they’re committing their time to do the show, then it’s only right and proper that I would give my time to being fully up to date with their projects.”

Things get uncomfortable with the next question, when an audience member asks, “What’s your favourite part of ‘Mozart in the Jungle’?”

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Corden seems confused and stymied by the question, and even more so when he’s informed that when he welcomed Gael García Bernal to the show a while back, he described the show as being “so great.”

As Corden struggles to describe the show’s premise — incorrectly — it quickly becomes clear that he has no idea what the show is about.

Corden’s increasingly painful Q&A is finally interrupted by show guest David Spade, watching from backstage, who asks, “Earlier we were in the green room and you said that my new Netflix movie, ‘The Father of the Year’, was the funniest thing you’d seen in the last six months. So, just wanna know… what’s it about?”

You can see Corden’s awkward response in the video above.