Sarah Jessica Parker discusses everything from “Sex and the City” to her former co-star Cynthia Nixon running for governor of New York in a new interview with Gwyneth Paltrow.

The pair sit down to chat on Paltrow’s latest Goop podcast, with Parker speaking incredibly highly of fellow “SATC” star Nixon when asked about her political campaign.

The actress gushes, “She’s brilliant. She’s formidable. She’s learned and she’s willing to learn, and she has a point of view about the city where she was born and raised just like anybody else who might run for public office.”

“We don’t typically question the provenance of the candidates so much, and we certainly didn’t have the same standard for a gentleman who was elected president, and in a democracy that is what happens. You cannot argue, right, with that. That’s choice, like we have a choice.”

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Parker’s chat also sees her open up about why she thinks “SATC” has been, and continues to be, so popular.

She explains, “The intimacy of the friendships, the more honest portrait of friendships. When they’re good and when they’re bad, when they’re betraying each other, and when they’re really supportive and good to each other. When they’re reliant to comment on one another… that’s inspiring and familiar.”

“I think just the really candid nature of the dialogue was just something that perhaps women were experiencing in their own lives, but they’ve never seen it in cinema,” she adds.

A lot of “SATC” focuses on relationships and Parker insists she thinks it’s important to deal with heartbreak in real life: “I think it’s great to have been wrong in love and been destroyed and heartbroken. I just think it makes what you imagined to be a life choice better. Everybody should date if that’s what you’re interested in and you should be wrong, and you should break some hearts and your heart should be broken, and you should lay in bed in your old days next to a telephone looking at it hoping it’s going to ring and be disappointed that it never does.”

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Not ending the interview there, Parker goes on to give Paltrow some heartfelt words about getting married again after the fitness guru got engaged to Brad Falchuk following her split from Chris Martin.

Parker insists, “I think you should be [optimistic]. The only reason I feel you probably should be optimistic is that you’re a grown-up woman and you’re making a choice for entirely different reasons.”

“Perspective and life experience is everything, it informs everything,” she continues. “But I think the value of you being a sophisticated woman and choosing marriage is promising.”