Bradley Whitford believes everyone would be on board in some capacity for a reboot of “The West Wing”.

Whitford, 58, chewed on the possibility while promoting his new show “Valley of the Boom” at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. The actor’s comments follow his co-star Joshua Malina’s tweet about a potential revival.

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“Talking reboot,” he captioned a picture of him reuniting with former castmates Whitford and Janel Moloney, plus series creator Aaron Sorkin. It is worth noting, however, Malina is a notorious prankster.

“I think there’s definitely space for a show like that,” Whitford told TV Guide. “Honestly, if Aaron [Sorkin] called us all up, I’m sure we’d all be there in a second.”

Whitford has one major concern about a follow-up to the political drama that ran from 1999 to 2006. “When we started making ‘The West Wing’, there was no possibility that it would ever be seen more than twice because there was no such thing as syndication for one-hour then and there were no DVDs and there was obviously no streaming,” he explained.

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“So it’s really bizarre to me,” continued Whitford. “I think we would have been so riddled with anxiety if we knew that people were going to be able to like stop and go back and watch it over and over again.”

The original “West Wing” starred Martin Sheen as the President of the United States, along with an ensemble cast of White House employees.

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