A joke Trevor Noah made in 2013 about aboriginal people is being brought up yet again, just do not expect a new answer from him.

The “Daily Show” star was asked on an Australian radio show about a stand-up routine in 2013 in which he called aboriginal women ugly.

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“What I understand about outrage, though, what I mean is that people don’t generally want to listen or understand from their side. They go, ‘No, we’re angry,'” said Noah. “And regardless how many times you speak about the thing, they still want to be angry and so all you can do is fall back and say, ‘I’ve addressed this.'”

Continuing, “we live in a world where people want to unearth things that have already been unearthed.”

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Nevertheless, the comedian did explain what the root of the joke was: “I was responding to comments about certain women being called unflattering in South Africa. So, you know, it’s one of those things where if you were to make the joke again, you would make it better.”

This is not the first time Noah, 34, has been criticized for old jokes or tweets.

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