Head-Banging Stephen Colbert Buys Tour Van For Metal Band, Rocks Out In Music Video

For those about to rock, Stephen Colbert salutes you — and, if you play your cards right he may even buy you a new tour van.

That’s the case with nu metal band Flaw, who have been mentioned numerous times on Global‘s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” due to the band’s crowdsourcing efforts to get themselves a new tour van.

Colbert first made mention of the Louisville, Kentucky-based rockers in March, comparing a plan floated by President Trump to fund construction of his border wall via crowdsourcing to the band’s crowdsourcing campaign to raise cash for a new tour bus.

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“Flaw is a real band that had a real GoFundMe page that was really asking for $15,000 for a new tour van,” Colbert reminded in his monologue on Friday. “There were only a few thousand dollars short, and after that shout-out from me, you the ‘Late Show’ community stepped up… and agreed that you don’t care if Flaw needs a van.”

Noting that Flaw came up a bit short in hitting its $15K goal, Colbert revealed that he stepped up himself.

“You still did not raise enough for Flaw to get a van. So I just bought Flaw a van. And I invited all the members of the band… to come to New York and check out their new wheels,” he explained in the clip above, even helping the band accessorize their new vehicle with groovy shag-carpeted pillows, a misspelled Flaw decal and even an elderly woman who volunteered to be the band’s “road mom.”

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And that was just the beginning: next, Colbert shut down the street outside the Ed Sullivan Theater so Flaw could shoot a new music video for their song “Conquer This Climb”, with a head-banging Colbert making a guest-starring appearance.

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT on Global; you can watch Colbert team up with Flaw in the “Conquer This Climb” video below:

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