Australian Radio Show Cancelled After Phone Prank

The two Australian DJs who were involved in a prank call to King Edward VII Hospital in London have seen their show cancelled.

The radio hosts, Mel Greig and Michael Christian prank called the hospital where Kate Middleton was staying last week. Pretending to be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles inquiring on the health of the Duchess of Cambridge, the two say they never expected to get anywhere with the call, let alone inspire something so tragic to happen.

The nurse, who passed the call though to Middleton’s nurse died a few days later, of an apparent suicide.

Southern Croos Austereo (SCA) is the company that owns the station, 2Day FM, involved in the prank call has issued a statement today saying it feels “deep regret”; for the death of the Jacintha Saldanha following the prank and that it’s “taking the events of the last few days very seriously.”;

So seriously, in fact, that it’s cancelled 2Day FM until further notice, terminated the 2Day FM Hot 30 show, issued a companywide suspension of “prank”; calls and is undergoing a comprehensive review of relevant company policies and processes.  One thing the statement does not address is whether Greig and Christian were fired.

Greig and Christian, who have stayed relatively quiet throughout most of the scandal, are finally speaking out.  The Australian shock-jocks gave teary-eyed appeals that they never meant to cause harm in a traumatic trick that we merely designed to “be stupid.”; And while sounding upset about the tragedy, the pair stopped short of a full apology, saying, “If we played any involvement in her death, then we’re very sorry for that and only time will tell.”;

And it might be some time before this case is fully settled.  The family of Jacintha Saldanha is blaming the DJs along with the radio station, which could lead to further legal action being taken.

Watch the interview with Australian DJs below and tweet us your thoughts about the scandal.



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