Chris Harrison Reveals Reason Lincoln Adim Wasn’t Mentioned On ‘The Bachelorette: Men Tell All’

Chris Harrison discussed Lincoln Adim’s absence from “The Bachelorette: Men Tell All” when he chatted with Glamour in a new interview.

The 47-year-old host insisted it’s because he’d lied to the entire crew, plain and simple. Adim had previously been charged with indecent assault and battery stemming from a May 2016 incident but had reportedly failed to mention it to anyone.

Harrison explained, “First of all, Lincoln was not invited and not welcome here. What he did was illegal and against the law, so that is a very easy call.

“There was no chance he was coming here tonight, no chance I wanted to talk to him or hear his side because there is no side. What he did was commit a crime. That’s a very easy answer.”

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“As far as dealing with it, we wanted [“Men Tell All”] to remain about Becca, about the guys, and about this journey. And going there… this wasn’t the time or place. There really isn’t much to explain about Lincoln other than he lied, he deceived, he committed a crime, he’s not here, and he’s removed from the show and the franchise.”

On a lighter note, Harrison’s chat also saw him allude to the big “Bachelorette” finale next Monday.

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“Becca’s goodbye [to the runner-up is] easily the most gut-wrenching tearful moment that I have been through. It literally brings her to her knees. You have to watch. Trust me.

“The exit that you’re going to see is probably in the top five of [most dramatic ‘Bachelor’ franchise moments ever]. We haven’t even really teased it that much because you don’t have to. When you have the goods and you know what’s coming… just watch. It’s stunning.”

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