With confirmation Tuesday that the voice of Canadian-American actor Seth Rogen would be heard on Toronto’s subways — as well as on Vancouver’s SkyTrain — it didn’t take long before Ottawa residents and social media users started asking whether the Vancouver-born actor would do the same for Ottawa’s light rail transit system.

Among those interested was the Communications Security Establishment.

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At 4:18 p.m., somebody behind the federal cyberspy agency’s Twitter account tweeted at the City of Ottawa, suggesting Jeopardy host Alex Trebek or television actor William Shatner “be the voice of the soon to be completed #Ottawa Light Rail Transit.”

Two minutes later, Rogen piped up.

“If they’re not around I’ll do it,” the popular comedian wrote back.

What Rogen and some Ottawa residents may not know, however, is another actor already got that seemingly coveted job a while ago.

The current voice of public transit in Ottawa, OC Transpo confirmed Tuesday afternoon, is Julian Doucet, an actor and voice talent from Ottawa. OC Transpo’s manager of customer service suggested in a statement that the arrangement with Doucet isn’t changing anytime soon, and the transit service isn’t in the market for a new or additional voice.

“[Doucet] can already be heard on buses and on O-Train Line 2, the Trillium Line, and customers will soon hear his familiar voice on O-Train Line 1, the Confederation Line,” David Pepper wrote.

The announcement system featuring Doucet was launched in 2010, Pepper said after the actor was “chosen through a process that involved customer focus group testing.”

In a follow-up request, Global News asked OC Transpo if it had anything to say in response to Rogen’s tweet. The transit service was not able to provide an immediate response.

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P FILE PHOTO/Jonathan Hayward
P FILE PHOTO/Jonathan Hayward

Doucet is a graduate of the University of Ottawa and Ryerson Theatre School; he has also trained with Soulpepper Theatre. As a bilingual actor, he has done everything from films and theatre to voice-overs and commercials.

In addition to acting, Doucet is also a screenwriter.

The consortium building the Confederation Line — which will run east-west from Blair to Tunney’s Pasture — is expected to hand over the keys to the LRT system to the city on Nov. 2. OC Transpo has said it’s aiming to open the tracks later that month.