Leslie Jones knows it’s more fun to view a movie with friends than it is to watch alone, so she decided to invite her 919,000 Twitter followers to join her as she screened “Avengers: Infinity War”.

Over the course of two nights (she couldn’t get through it in one sitting) the “Saturday Night Live” star took to Twitter for a frenzy of posts while watching the flick, sharing her hilarious responses to the plot of the Marvel Studios blockbuster.

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You can check out her Twitter account to see the dozens of tweets she sent out into the Twitterverse, but here are some highlights (although be forewarned that some of the language she uses is definitely NSFW):

It looks like Chris Evans himself loved Jones’ reaction – specifically to the video of Captain America’s first appearance.

Evans’ co-star Paul Bettany couldn’t help but agree with his tweet, replying with a still image of his character Vision staring at Captain America in the flick.

You can catch more with Leslie Jones when “Saturday Night Live” returns to Global in the fall with its 43rd season.

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