Bryan Adams Gets ‘Exposed’ in LA

It’s no secret anymore what Canadian rock legend Bryan Adams’ hobby is. With the release of his new photography book Exposed, the singer is giving fans a look inside some of his famous friendships with a few “magical moments”; in between.

We recently caught up with Bryan at an LA book signing and the musician had a few things to say about some very famous faces featured in his book.

“Most of the pictures in this book are a result of things that happened for magazines so they’re all published, most of them, except for the pictures of Amy Winehouse,”; he admits.

Bryan went on to explain that every picture has a memory and shares a particularly candid one of the late Amy Winehouse. “There’s one where I’ve taken a picture of her driving my car and I’d actually been teaching her earlier in the day how to drive,”; he reveals. “I was always having to hold onto the hand break, otherwise she was crashing into things. Which is an interesting parallel, because I don’t think Amy had brakes on anything.”;

Another famous face to both Bryan and Amy is Elton John, who’s not only featured in the pages, but gracefully wrote the forward to the book.

So what’s next for Bryan? Well he’s recently tweeted some very happy news that he and Alicia Grimaldi are pregnant with their second child.

Watch more with Bryan Adams below and if you’re a fan be sure to check out our Holiday Gift Guide this week for your chance to win a copy of Exposed!



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