Colbert Slams Ivanka Trump For Her ‘Courageous’ Stance On Family Separation And Demonizing The Press

Ivanka Trump has been trying to distance herself from some of her father’s more abhorrent policies as president, but Stephen Colbert isn’t buying any of it.

On Thursday night’s “The Late Show” on Global, the host played a clip of Ivanka emotionally referring to the Trump Administration’s family separation policy at the border as a “low point” for her.

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“She came admirably close to displaying empathy,” Colbert responded. “What does she mean ‘was a low point.’ It’s still happening. That’s like being inside your burning house and going, ‘You know when this chair I’m sitting in caught fire, that was a real wakeup call. Do you smell something?'”

Colbert also played a clip of Ivanka in the same interview responding to the question of whether she believes the press is the “enemy of the people.”

“No, I do not … Are you looking for me to elaborate? No, I don’t,” she said, chuckling.

Colbert shot back after the clip, “Wait. He asked you to elaborate. ‘No, I don’t’ is actually shorter than saying, ‘No, I do not.’ Would you like me to elaborate on that? You didn’t.”

The host then shared a tweet from Donald Trump standing by his daughter’s statement on the issue, and clarifying that only “fake news” is the enemy of the people.

“See, that clears it up,” Colbert said. “Trump supporters, when you see the media at the next rally make sure you only violently threaten only a large percentage of them.”

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