Inspired by Time’s Up, actress Gemma Arterton has co-produced a new short film exposing what women have to go through when auditioning for leading roles in the film and TV industry.

“Leading Lady Parts” stars Arterton, former “Doctor Who” star Catherine Tate and “Fleabag” actor Anthony Welsh as casting agents auditioning a series of stars for a movie part.

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Emilia Clarke, Felicity Jones, Stacy Martin, Katie Leung and more show up to try out, only to be given feedback ranging from simply nonsensical, to outright sexist and racist.

At one point “Game of Thrones” star Lena Headey shows up, only to be told that she could only play a mom, not a leading lady.

Finally Tom Hiddleston walks in, and you can guess how that goes.

Written and directed by playwright Jessica Swale, the idea for the film came about at a meeting of actresses trying to find something to do in support of Time’s Up.

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“It was just women in a room, chatting—we felt everything was very serious, there were really big issues being spoken about,” Arterton told The Mary Sue. “We felt it would be fantastic to do something light-hearted and more comical that got the message out without beating anyone over the head. There was a room filled with all these creative, beautiful women and what better way to make a difference … than all coming together and making something?”

“Leading Lady Parts” is the first in a series of planned short films from Rebel Park Productions that will examine gender inequality in the workplace.