UPDATE: Tuesday, Dec. 8 (11:14 a.m. ET) – He may not be the biggest Taylor Swift fan out there, but Jared Leto is demonstrating he’s a big enough man to apologize after the release of video in which the Suicide Squad actor pilloried the “1989”; album, declaring, “Ugh, I don’t like that at all,”; and then wrapping up with this succinct review: “I mean f*** her, I don’t give a f*** about her at all.”

An apologetic Leto took to Twitter to offer an olive branch to Taylor, praising the singer as “amazing”; and “an incredible example of what’s possible.”;


A video showing Jared Leto critiquing Taylor Swift’s latest songs has emerged.

The Thirty Second To Mars singer was recorded giving his two cents as “Blank Space,” “Style” and “Welcome to New York” played in the background.

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The 43-year-old entertainer was sitting in a Los Angeles recording studio with one of his bandmates in a video released by TMZ.

“Ugh, I don’t like this at all….Next,” he said as he listened to “Welcome To New York.”

Leto was a much bigger fan of Swift’s “Blank Space,” however, he did point out its resemblance to a Charli XCX tune.

“I mean f*** her, I don’t give a f*** about her at all,” the video captures him saying in the end.

Catch the video below: