Finn Wolfhard and Glenn Close got to play the most adorable trivia game of all-time on Monday night’s edition of the “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon”.

Dubbed the “Pup Quiz”, Fallon explained the rules to the two contenders, for every animal-related question they got right, they would be handed a cute puppy. Get a question wrong, and your opponent gets the pup.

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The “Dog Days” star was the first to get his hands on a precious pup when the Golden Globe-winning actress failed to guess the correct term for a group of rabbits (apparently it’s a “fluffle”!). The scores were soon evened up however when Wolfhard didn’t know the answer to the most popular animal on social media.

One of the highlights came when Close, famous for playing Cruella DeVille, made a “101 Dalmations” quip which literally had Fallon rolling on the floor. Another shocking moment was the answer to Scotland’s national animal – a unicorn!

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Perhaps even better than the game itself were the names of the puppies: Kent Wilcox, Layla Storm, Rhonda Jiparski, Chip Gibbons, Kwame Evans, and Tad Rickman. Fallon reffered to them as “newscaster” puppies.

Elsewhere on the show, Wolfhard talked to the late night host about “Stranger Things”, which recently earned twelve Emmy nominations, and tried to comfort Fallon about his lack of Emmy nominations.

He also revealed that Season 3 of the hit Netflix sci-fi show will introduce some brand new cast members.

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