Keanu Reeves Re-Watches His Hilarious 1980s Coca-Cola Commercial During ‘Late Late Show’ Appearance

Keanu Reeves discussed one of his first acting roles when he appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” Monday.

Reeves, 53, was asked about filming a Coca-Cola commercial back in the 1980s, with him telling the British host: “It was like a three-day shoot, for me it was a great experience because you’re going from school and study to the real world.”

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The Canadian actor added that this was a “real world working” situation because the team had to do things like “pretend it was hot when we were working in the winter.”

Reeves also told Corden that he’d even had to shave his legs for the ad, with him having to play a cyclist.

The show then aired the hilarious old-school commercial, in which a young Reeves praises his dad for coaching him to success.

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The star also said that the director had been telling him, “You’re thirsty, you’re on an island, you haven’t had anything to drink!” while giving him tips on that all-important drinking shot at the end.

See more in the clip above.

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