‘Stranger Things’ Star Finn Wolfhard And His Band Calpurnia Talk Getting Carded At Their Own Gigs

“Stranger Things” star Finn Wolfhard and his Canadian indie-rock band Calpurnia are ready to make waves in the music industry.

Speaking with ET Canada, the band members — including Wolfhard, Malcolm Craig, Ayla Tesler-Mabe and Jack Anderson — open up about breaking boundaries in the music scene despite their young age.

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“Yeah, we all have tough times,” says 15-year-old Wolfhard of the band, which formed in Vancouver in 2017. “But, it’s good cause the music industry is getting younger, which is great for us.”

Tesler-Mabe, 17, adds, “There’s definitely having to fight that expectation that people have because you are young you will sound a certain way or you have a certain way of looking at music that maybe they don’t take you seriously.”

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She adds, “Yeah, I think it’s something we have to fight against. But, we are just going to keep doing our thing and by doing that I think that is combating.”

Speaking at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, which holds a 19+ age requirement, Wolfhard says, “Yeah, we got carded at our own show.”

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Making their TV debut on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in July, Calpurnia have released their first EP “Scout” and wowed fans this past weekend at Osheaga in Montreal. Their video for “City Boy” has also reached over 2 million views on YouTube.

“I try not to think about success as a thing,” says Anderson, 17, adding that the “number of views” are not that important. “As long as I’m having a good time and there are some people out there enjoying our music, that’s what means a lot.”

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