Madonna has a bone to pick with the music of today.

The iconic singer expressed her big gripe with what the industry is pumping out. “Everything’s so formulaic, and every song has 20 guest artists on it, and everyone sounds the same,” she said of “the music business now.”

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Madonna, 59, told Vogue Italia she credits her move to Lisbon for reinventing her music. “In Alfama, you’ll hear people singing and playing fado music everywhere,” she expressed.

“There are these weekly sessions called living room sessions which pop up in people’s beautiful homes that are 500 years old, and you walk up the marble steps which are lined with candles into the living room which is also dimly lit with candles,” Madonna continued. “And there’s this rolling, very intimate performance happening where people play, they sing, they recite poetry.”

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“It’s like a salon; something which doesn’t really exist in many places anymore – people elsewhere say, ‘Call my manager, this is how much I charge,'” she noted. “I’m pretty sure in Lisbon people would do these shows and not get paid, they just do them for the love of what they do, and for me, this is glorious and inspiring.”

Madonna is incorporating this inspiration in her new album: “I’ve just met lots of really amazing musicians, and I’ve ended up working with a lot of these musicians on my new record.”

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