Pamela Anderson Criticizes Chilliwack Fair, Campaigns To ‘End Rodeo Cruelty’ At Canadian Event

Pamela Anderson regularly voices her opinions on animal cruelty and she’s now taken to Twitter to throw her support behind the Vancouver Humane Society and its Chilliwack Fair protest.

Anderson, 51, re-tweeted the society’s message about holding a “peaceful protest” on Sunday, with her also posting:

The society has an ongoing petition to end rodeo cruelty in Chilliwack, with a message on their site stating: “The Chilliwack Fair has ignored calls to end animal cruelty at its annual rodeo, which starts August 10.

“Compassionate Canadians need to let the Fair’s sponsors, Tourism Chilliwack and the City of Chilliwack know that spectacles of animal abuse have no place in the 21st century. These influential bodies should urge the Fair to drop cruel rodeo events.”

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Society spokesman, Peter Fricker, said, according to the Vancouver Sun: “There is no doubt that animals suffer in rodeos and people who care about animals should take a stand against the cruelty involved.

“We appreciate Ms. Anderson’s support and acknowledgment of the inherent cruelty involved.”

Cathy Oss, president of the Chilliwack Agricultural Society, continued to jump to the event’s defence, with her pointing out that the fair was taking place in a new arena which reportedly ensures safety for both animals and humans.

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She said in a statement to Postmedia: “The Chilliwack Fair enjoys a 30 year relationship with the Chilliwack Rodeo Association which is the organization who puts on the annual rodeo. In our experience the CRA has shown professional attention and provide outstanding care and treatment of their rodeo livestock and prevention of injury.

“They have an excellent safety record and, as a sanctioned BCRA Rodeo, they uphold and aggressively enforce all regulations governing the proper treatment and care of rodeo livestock.”

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