Nina Dobrev And Stephen Colbert Shoot Tequila On ‘Late Show’

Ah, tequila, the late night social lubricant.

Nina Dobrev and Stephen Colbert shared shots of tequila while chatting on Wednesday’s episode of Global‘s “Late Show”.

“I was preparing and getting ready for tonight. I YouTubed previous shows, and I saw Jennifer Lawrence when she was on the show with you, and she asked you for rum,” the “Dog Days” actress told Colbert. “And I got nervous and figured we would maybe drink today, so I ordered a lot of room service to prepare myself so I wouldn’t be a cheap date.”

And so the “Late Show” host offered Dobrev a drink from his secret stash. “I’ll never say no to tequila. Woo!” said Dobrev. “I’m excited and very nervous. Those are big shot glasses. Oh, my goodness…”

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Colbert later asked Dobrev, 29, about her background and whether or not certain stereotypes about Canadians hold true: “Are they actually nice, or can we just not tell how they’re being rude?”

“It is a stereotype for a reason. I get told that I’m very nice, and I’ve had that experience,” Dobrev replied. “I recently went to Montreal to visit my brother, for example, and we played this game at the bar; I guess I have a drinking theme — maybe I’m an alcoholic! I don’t know!” she joked. “Here we go! Load ’em up!”

After another round of tequila, Dobrev reflected on spinning a web of lines involving Samuel L. Jackson and Barack Obama.

“[Jackson] was shooting a film in Atlanta and I was on ‘Vampire Diaries’,” said Dobrev. “A friend who knows him invited him to dinner, and I had some friends in town and I’d promised — because I was the Queen of Atlanta; everyone said I knew the city best—that I would take care of the reservation and take them to the nicest restaurant in town.”

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“I had my assistant call [the restaurant] and he dropped my name, and my name didn’t really matter,” she continued. “They’re like, ‘We don’t care. The restaurant is busy and we can’t take you.’ So, I was like, ‘Oh, s**t! I already promised them… Oh! Am I allowed to swear?” she asked, looking at a producer. “Well, I did! So, there it is!”

Not one to let a good story be derailed by a little cussing, the actress pressed on. “I had my assistant call again—same voice—but say that he was Sam’s assistant.

“We thought maybe he would come, but as the dinner went on, he wasn’t coming,” she revealed. “The waiters were all excited, too… By the end of it, I made up a lie. I was like, ‘Oh, Sam just called… [ President Barack Obama] asked him to come to the White House, so he got on the jet. Sam can’t make it.’ You can’t really get mad! If Obama calls — you go!”

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT on Global; you can also watch full episodes online.

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