Seth Rogen Talks Cringeworthy Golden Globes Wardrobe Malfunction: ‘I Blew Out My Pants!’

Seth Rogen admitted he suffered a cringeworthy wardrobe malfunction just moments before he took the stage at this year’s Golden Globes.

Rogen, 36, who insisted he hadn’t told anyone the story aside from his wife, said the unfortunate incident occurred minutes before he was due to make a speech about the Best Motion Picture nominee “The Disaster Artist”.

The actor recalled to Seth Meyers on “Late Night”, “I bent down to pick up something, and I blew out my pants from, like, the very front to the very back. Like, chaps. I chapsed them.”

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He added that it would take too long to explain his mishap to someone, so instead he just “grabbed a rack of safety pins” before he took his pants off, turned them inside out and pinned them.

Rogen said he ended up making “a metallic stitching thing from the base of my butt to the top of my crotch.”

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“I went out with essentially, like, a diaper made of safety pins holding my pants together.”

The star also discussed his latest movie “Like Father”, as well as the time he peed in the middle of Tom Cruise’s driveway before introducing his fellow actor to internet porn.



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