Lady Gaga Compares Her ‘Star Is Born’ Character’s Struggles To Her Own: ‘I Was Not The Prettiest Girl In The Room’

Lady Gaga will soon be making her big-screen debut alongside Bradley Cooper in “A Star is Born”, and the singer-turned-actress reveals that she shares more than just musical talent with her on-screen character, an aspiring singer-songwriter named Ally.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gaga is asked about a scene in the movie in which her character is told she has the talent to succeed, but not the looks.

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“Oh, yeah. I mean, when I wrote my earliest hits, people were trying to take my songs and give them to other people,” she tells EW. “I was, like, clutching to them for dear life, thinking, ‘I finally wrote a hit. I can’t give it away.’

“I was not the prettiest girl in the room. I was a little weird, and I liked being weird. I didn’t like to be sexual in a way that other pop stars or pop groups were. I was my own thing. It’s heartbreaking because you feel like, Why am I not enough?

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“A Star is Born” is slated to hit theatres on Oct. 5.

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