2,500 People Tell Vincent D’Onofrio Whether Or Not He Should Play A Real-Life Racist In Fictional Series

Vincent D’Onofrio is at a crossroads.

The “Daredevil” actor has the opportunity to portray an “irredeemable racist” in an upcoming drama series. Considering the current socio-political climate, D’Onofrio doesn’t know whether or not it is right for him to play such a character. So he took the question to the people:

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“Right now in our country racism is rising. Its becoming normalized. That’s dangerous. Maybe art or no art we must be responsible?” he considered. Later adding, “I’m going to have to make my decision in a few days. You all have been extremely helpful. More then I could imagine.”

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D’Onofrio received nearly 2,500 replies to his question. Among those to chime in were “Hellboy” star Ron Perlman and “Gotham” actor Donal Logue.

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