Joshua Jackson Compares His ‘Affair’ Cry-Face To James Van Der Beek’s On ‘Dawson’s Creek’

Nearly 15 years after the end of “Dawson’s Creek” Joshua Jackson — and the rest of the internet — are still loving James Van Der Beek’s famous “crying Dawson” face.

The Canadian actor posted a still of himself sobbing in “The Affair” next to the Van Der Beek crying meme on Instagram.

“I’m coming for your crown @vanderjames,” Jackson, 40, captioned the pic. Naturally, his pal Van Der Beek, 41, responded, writing, “Bring it.”


The original Dawson crying scene appeared in the season 3 finale in 2000 when Katie Holmes’ Joey leaves Dawson for Jackson’s Pacey.

When the cast gathered for a reunion for Entertainment Weekly earlier this year, the meme-worthy moment was a topic of discussion, with Van Der Beek admitting he loves it.

“I feel like everybody on this show cried more than I did and I was the one who got caught in the loop,” Van Der Beek stated, with Jackson responding, “It’s not how many times you cried. It’s how you cried.”

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Van Der Beek gave the internet permission to perpetuate his cry-face, telling the magazine, “I love it. It’s my favourite thing about the whole show! It’s hilarious to me that you can work for six years on a show … and it gets boiled down to three seconds. It’s a perfect way-of-the-internet.”


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